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Miller Torbert
Miller Torbert

Golden Visa UAE Requirements

The Golden Visa program in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has specific requirements for individuals seeking long-term residency. The eligibility criteria typically include investments in real estate, business ownership, or specialized talents. Investors may qualify through property investments meeting a minimum value threshold, with options to invest in residential, commercial, or industrial properties. Entrepreneurs can secure the Golden Visa by establishing or investing in a business, and skilled professionals may be eligible based on their expertise in sectors deemed critical to the UAE's growth. Additional requirements often involve maintaining the investment for a stipulated period and demonstrating financial stability. It's crucial for applicants to provide relevant documentation, including proof of investment, a valid passport, and a clean background check. Engaging with immigration consultants or legal advisors can help navigate the Golden Visa application process, ensuring compliance with the specific requirements outlined by the UAE authorities.

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