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The Best Sources for Free AI Files and How to Download Them

AI files are the native vector file type for Adobe Illustrator. With an AI file, designers can scale their graphics, drawings, and images infinitely with no impact on resolution. Learn more about the pros and cons of the AI image format and discover how you can create, open, and edit them.

how to download ai files

Download File:

You can view AI files on several third-party apps. You can also save your .AI file in different formats that allow you to open it with different software. For example, saving an AI file as a PDF allows you to view and share the file in Adobe Acrobat.

AI files designed in Illustrator give logos clarity and scalability so they can be used in everything from a business card to a billboard in Times Square. Plus, AI is great for laying out typography that will remain crisp and legible at any size.

AI files are perfect for printing digitally designed images, drawings, and graphics because they retain detail and clarity at different sizes. This distinguishes them from raster images, which can appear grainy and pixelated in print when scaled beyond their intended size.

Graphic designers commonly work with vector images. The files are small, yet the images themselves are infinitely resizable. They're perfect for drawings, and especially for things like logos and icons.

The AI file is the most common type of vector image. It's a proprietary Adobe Illustrator format, so it can be tricky to open AI files if you don't have Illustrator. How you do it depends on what you want to do with it.

If you want to add the file to a larger collection of artwork and have a way to browse through it easily, try Adobe Bridge. This is one of the best free Adobe apps and lets you open and view Illustrator files.

When you're done, you can copy and paste the image onto a separate layer in another piece of artwork or add additional layers to this file. You'll have to save it in a different format afterward, as you cannot save files in the AI format outside of Illustrator.

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When you download an Illustrator template or get sent an AI file that you need to edit, things get trickier. There aren't many mainstream apps that can edit AI files natively; you normally have to convert it to a different format first.

Formerly called Gravit Designer, Corel Vector is a great Illustrator alternative. It's a cloud-based app that runs directly in your browser so you can edit and open AI files online no matter whether you're using Windows, macOS, Linux, or Chrome OS.

To work with AI files, you need to convert them to the SVG format first, as outlined above. Once that's done, simply drag the file into the Corel Vector window to open it. As is often the case, all parts of the image are grouped into a single layer, but they can be edited individually.

The program can open AI files as long as they have been saved with PDF content (usually the default option in Illustrator). This means you lose the layer information, as usual, and cannot save the file in its original format. You can't save your work as an AI file either. If you want to be able to open your edited image in Illustrator again, you need to save it in PDF, SVG, or EPS format.

The program has limited native support for Illustrator files. You can open them as you would any other file, but they will only be displayed as a single flattened layer. This is the equivalent of opening it in Photoshop and means the image is not editable.

A more foolproof solution is to convert the file to the SVG format using CloudConvert. Since you cannot save files in the AI format, this also represents the best way of ensuring your edited file can be reopened in Illustrator in the future.

I can't open an Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) file from mail - PostScript Error in Adobe Illustrator, Someone emailed me .ai files. When I download the attachment I get an error saying "Postscript Conversion Error", "The PostScript File cannot be converted to a pdf file". I don't know why this happens. The file in the e-mail is an .ai file. I try to download it to my desktop from my Gmail account. I have a Mac Book Pro.

File downloads as ,Once I remove the from I am able to open the file in illustrator cs4, this I will need to do in every file I want to understand how do i fix to get the file downloaded correctly.

Make sure that you're not using the Safari Browser because this browser cannot open app files that it cannot read, so it automatically tries to download it as a PDF. Try using another browser like Firefox or Chrome, and you should be able to download it with no problem

So, what you are saying, actually, is that you CAN open the .ai file. It is the file that is giving you problems. I do not have the technical knowledge to understand why it happens, but my experience is that some mail programs or mail servers will add the .ps suffix to files that they consider to be postscript files just prior to sending. It has happened to me, always with someone else's work mailed to me.

When you get them, AI expects them to be postscript because of the suffix, but they are not, so it doesn't know what to do and returns an error - my understanding is that .ai files are .pdf-based. Removing the .s ends the confusion.

Your understanding is perfectly the same as mine, the problem is that same files when forwarded to another macbook pro that have snow leapord opens just fine, I called Adobe the lady was clueless, I got apple tech support the guy spent more than two/three hrs and than put me on specialist, he spent another two hrs and had me create a new admin account and than forward a report file to him than finally came to conclusion that I need to go back to my re-instal Cd's and re-instal them which will mean I spend another couple of Hrs doing all the upgrades, The point is why is this happening? any GURU's there?

I am running Snow Leopard myself. Interestingly, right after replying to your post, I tried to contribute to two other posts both of which required downloading their example. Both files in their posts were .ai files, but when they arrived on my computer, they were files. I had to remove the .ps to open them. I do not think the computers are at fault - I think it is the Internet server software - but then again, who am I? Certainly not an Internet software guru.

While Adobe Illustrator is a great vector graphics editor utilized by many artists, it saves files in a proprietary format. The AI file type that Adobe Illustrator uses to save projects generally requires Adobe Illustrator to open. Thankfully, there are many workarounds.

As .ai files can be opened via pdf viewers, there are ways to bypass this limitation even without Illustrator installed. If your phone already has a PDF viewer, simply click on the .ai file, and select your PDF viewer. Alternatively, you can download Adobe Creative Cloud for a program that handles adobe files.

The process of opening .ai files is a lot simpler on Android as it requires only two apps: Adobe Acrobat reader and a mobile file browser like the ES File Explorer. Follow the easy steps listed below:

Due to the similarities in operating systems between iPhones and iPads, the steps for opening .ai files on an iPad are the same as that on an iPhone. Refer to the instructions in the iPad section to open your .ai file on your iPad.

Another option for users on desktop computers is to open .ai files online using AI viewers. Most of these programs are free and usually allow additional basic editing. Here are a few of these online sites and some quick instructions on how to use them:

AI files are very handy as they hold a lot of information for editing an image. The downside to this is its proprietary nature, limiting its use to Adobe Illustrator. Knowing how to open AI files without Illustrator expands the usefulness of these files.

I'm so frustrated and hoping someone here can help. I've been on the chat option with Adobe for over an hour and they are completely useless; called them too and no help.....I just signed up for a monthly subscription for Adobe Stock. I downloaded the first image I wanted and it asked me if I wanted AI or JPG ...I didn't know so I picked AI. Turns out I can't use it in Canva or Keynote - the two places I need it. So I tried to download three more images and they now by default download as AI files (and I don't want to waste buying images since they are expsenive and I only have so many). The images I've bought specifically say that with the License you can download in both AI and JPG.....but I only have the option of pressing Download and when I do it automatically does in it AI without giving me a choice of getting it in JPG. I'm so annoyed because I've paid for someone that isn't working properly and they are useless to help me .....can someone please help me figure out what's wrong?

Thank you for taking the time to respond however I've been given that same response several times from Adobe and it doesn't work for me....when i tell them that they then never respond again; hoping you will. Your image does in fact show a Settings link on the Details page....when I go to a Details page I do NOT get the Settings link - it simply isn't there for me (see image I've attached as an example). This is still an issue.....I can't use any of the images that I've paid for because my default is downloading as AI files and there is no where that allows me to change my settings to get downloads as jpgs. I'm very frustrated that I have paid for this and can't use the images and Adobe won't help me figure out - they just keep giving me answers that don't work (on chats; on phone).

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