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Download College Dropout Zip 117 and Enjoy Kanye West's Classic Songs Anytime and Anywhere

He brought Outkast to his label with it, and the rest was history. The song was a success, not only because of the beats, but because of the premise of this song. Kanye wasnt nervous though. I remember me and my friends in high school all saying the same thing, and a part of me just feels like theres a line to cross and if you cross it, you cant just turn back around. Then I didnt think about it for a while. Then Im like, I need this energy and I need the validation, and I need to feel like Im supported by all of this, by all of you. I need to be your martyr. And I need to hear that, Im ok. Its ok that Ive come this far, its ok that Im still in this game. I need to be here. I dont know, I just kind of felt like I need to, you know what I mean?

Download Kanye West College Dropout Zip 117

On its way to the top of the Billboard charts, Yeezus will probably have a place in Kanye West history similar to College Dropout. It will also be a landmark release, in the same sense that the 1999 album was for Jay-Z. It will certainly be a statement, and probably the same one: Kanye West wants to be listened to, and he wants to be a music mogul, too. Although Yeezus seems a little more chaotic than College Dropout, there are plenty of themes that tie them together, and the individual songs seem to have been well-thought-out, premeditated pieces. Yeezus is about the same things that College Dropout is about, plus a few more. Like, an awful lot more.

Now, if you own College Dropout, you dont have to listen to this; if you own The College Dropout, you can skip to the next paragraph. But you should understand why College Dropout is an important album. The College Dropout is a rap album, which is different from other music like jazz or rock, because none of the hip-hop musicians were trying to make a specific sound when they were making music, and certainly none of them were trying to make music that was specifically hard to understand. (Jazz, for example, has an expressiveness that allows you to feel what the composer was trying to do. When a song like Free Jazz is played, you have to turn off everything else in your mind and focus on the sound of the song, in order to understand it.) The most basic, easiest reason why College Dropout is a great album is that it doesnt use any words, and even has one of the most complex beats on a rap album. (In fact, it may be the most complex beat on any album in history.) That beat features a short, lilting piano riff, over which Jay-Z raps in a surprisingly deep voice.

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