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Instagram Live Video Downloader: The Best Apps and Tools for Saving Live Streams

No. You can copy and paste links from dusk till dawn and download Instagram videos without limitations. But if you want to save time and download all videos from a profile, subscribe for a Premium Package: $19/month for 3 profiles, $49/month for 10 profiles and $299/month for 100 profiles to download.

instagram download live video


With Yellow Duck, you can instantly create a live stream on Instagram from your PC, Mac, Linux and more. Streaming to Instagram is simple, and the set up is almost the same as if you were to stream on any other live video streaming website or service.

Instagram makes it easy to save and download videos from your story. However, if you've created a video post, there's no longer an option in the three-dot menu to save it directly to your camera roll. Instead, you can save it to your Instagram Collections, record your screen to capture it, or download it with a third-party app.

Important: If you download an Instagram video and share it later, make sure you give the original account proper credit. It's poor practice and potential copyright infringement if you steal someone else's video and pretend it's your own.

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  • Instagram Video Downloader Features : Fast, easy, and secure.

  • No need to login in to your Instagram account.

  • You can download Instagram videos & photos with just one click.

  • Save & download videos and photos in their original resolution & quality.

  • Save & download Instagram videos from private accounts.

  • In case you want to download a profile photo from any Instagram account, you can use this Instagram Profile Downloader.

Note: The video or photo which you will download must be from a public Instagram account. But you still able to download videos and photos from private Instagram accounts. Just click here.

Disclaimer: InstaDownloader does not host any pirated or copyright content on its server, and all the videos that you download are downloaded to your system directly from their respective CDN servers. All Instagram TM logos and trademarks displayed on this application are property of Instagram.

One important thing to note here is that after the video has been downloaded, it still disappears completely from the Instagram app itself. Neither the broadcaster nor the viewers will be able to watch it in the Instagram app after the stream has ended. Instagram also says that only the raw video footage will be saved, not the likes or comments the stream received.

Instagram first added support for live streaming video back in December. The ability to download live broadcasts comes with the latest version of the Instagram app sfor iOS and Android, which are available on each respective platform today.

There are a ton of good reasons you'd want to download Instagram videos. If it's your own, it may be easier to download that route through your phone to find the video. Maybe you added something to a story you wish you had recorded instead. Whatever the case, when you need to download video from Instagram, it's not easy if you try to do it directly.

There's also no good way to save Instagram videos. Here, we'll walk you through how to download Instagram videos on iOS devices, how to save Instagram videos to Mac, and which apps are best for downloading and viewing downloaded Instagram videos anywhere.

But there are so many good reasons to allow downloads from Instagram! Imagine trying to surprise your loved one with a video montage for their birthday. Downloading all your videos together is a great way to surprise them. It also makes editing the videos really easy. You can trim, splice, and append videos to one another however you see fit.

When you want to download from Instagram, there's just no direct method. Like Facebook, you can save videos to view later, but that's only good when you're in the app. Moreover, it only works when you have an internet connection.

Perhaps you're traveling, and want to watch family videos on your trip when you know a signal will be unreliable. Maybe you're downloading them to make a montage video, and want to use an iPhone or iPad app to edit all the short videos together. Also, check out instagram video dimensions.

To get those videos onto an Android device, we prefer AnyDroid. The files can be easily transferred to your Android handset via the AnyDroid app, and viewed any time you like. Because they're downloads, you don't have to worry about WiFi or a cellular signal at all.

You can try websites such as We found it very quick and efficient in downloading videos from Instagram. All you have to do is paste the link and click Download. The video will open in a new tab and you can save it from there.

When it comes to downloading and managing videos, we love the workflow of Pulltube, AnyTrans for iOS, and AnyDroid for Android. Downloads are a snap, and moving those files to other devices is totally seamless.

When using this music on live streams, Insta Stories, and other posts, a warning will appear to give the user time to change the music.The message also includes instructions for how users can remedy the issue.

The easiest way for content creators and entrepreneurs to reach out to their audience/ followers is the 'Live videos'. Like Facebook and YouTube, you can instantly go live from your Instagram account in real-time to inform your followers about a new product or a new place you have just explored during your travel extravaganza.

However, Instagram Live is slightly different from Facebook and YouTube Live. The live videos broadcasted on Instagram disappear as soon as you end the broadcast, unlike YouTube and Facebook Live where videos keep showing on your timelines. Yes, you can share the live-streamed video on your Instagram stories after it's finished but it only stays there for 24 hours just like regular Instagram stories.

1) Start a live video on Instagram2) Once you end the video, you will be given an option to share the live video and save it.3) Tap the 'Save' button at the top-right corner of the phone's screen to save the videos on your device.4) If for some reason you forgot to click the save button, you would have a shared video for 24 hours on your feed as a story. After that, the video will disappear.

1) Download Story Save from Google Play Store.2) Login with your Instagram credentials.3) The free app will allow you to download, save Instagram Live videos, and repost Instagram stories or highlights.4) Importantly, you can also use this app to download stories from people you follow on Instagram; however, it's always better to take permission from the account's owner before downloading their content.5) Photos and Videos saved by this app will be stored on your device within 'Story Save' folder.

If you are using Instagram on a PC, you can install a simple Chrome plugin to download the Instagram live videos. Follow the below-mentioned steps to download videos right on your desktop with a simple Chrome extension.

1) Search Chrome Instagram Story on your PC.2) Add 'IG Stories For Instagram' extension to your Google Chrome browser.3) And you are done. Now login to Instagram from your Google Chrome browser via the installed extension.4) Search for any account from which you want to save videos or other stories.5) Press the download button on the top-left corner and save the content on your desktop.

3. Now, tap on Live to start to take a live Instagram Video as you are doing usually, and at the end of a broadcast, you will see Save option in the upper right corner on the screen.

Whenever you save Instagram live Video on my iPhone. Generally, having a question, Does it also saves comments, likes, and the number of live video viewers or any other interactions, which are associated with Live Video?

It is a modern, one-of-a-kind Instagram video download service, with which you can quickly save videos from IG in the highest quality possible. There is no need to register or pay for it. You can use it freely wherever you are, anytime.

The location of the Instagram cache is storage/android/data/ However, when I look on my device, it seems that the files are not stored in a traditional video format. You should be able to find the video there, if at all though.

Instagram is one of our frequently used tools during these days. Many people are utilizing their real potential during this COVID-19 lockdown. They are connecting with there audience, friends and family using Instagram Live service. This is really fascinating to all of us as we are living in a tough time and technology is helping us to connect and share our valuable things with the entire world. I still believe this tough time is creating more awareness and education about the Internet and the online industry. This is how we will evolve into Digital Workspace soon. We share lots of things using different features of Instagram like Instagram highlights, stories etc. Today I'm going to tell you how you can download Instagram live video for offline watching.

2. You need to Install IG Stories for Instagram chrome extension: After installing and enabling this extension you have to go to the profile of the user 'who was LIVE' in the last 24h. Then you will see the following icon if there LIVE is available to download.

4. In our case, we have to click "Watch Live Video". It'll open a separate tab in chrome and video will appear either to play or download. If the user went live multiple times within 24h, you can navigate to those videos using 'next' and 'previous' arrow buttons.

You can use this ADD MUSIC TO VIDEO tool by uploading both files. This online service supports files up to 500MB. if your Instagram live video and audio file size is more than this then you have to do it using some offline video editing tools listed below or keep playing both files in different media players simultaneously.

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