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Mature Moms And Son

Weiss can't think of another animal that makes this never-ending investment when it has the option of reproducing multiple times. So why would these orca moms sacrifice so much for their sons? Weiss argues the potential payoff is huge.

mature moms and son

It's worth mentioning that this strategy of moms investing so much in their sons has a dark side. Southern Resident killer whales like K16 and K35 are in trouble. In recent years, the population has cratered to just 73 animals. And what these orcas really need right now is more reproductive females.

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When he expresses a need to be a baby at certain times,this should be encouraged. Whenever he wishes to be cuddled, rocked, tocrawl, or in any other way to be a baby again for a while, it can be veryhelpful to meet these residual needs. Unfortunately, our society urgesparents to do just the opposite - to encourage older siblings to beresponsible and mature. But if an older child believes that his youngersibling is receiving an unfair amount of attention and cuddling, he willquite naturally feel frustrated by this, and will present "baby"behavior in order to have those needs met. Unmet needs - for undividedattention, kindness, touching, and so on, will continue to be expressed inone way or another, until they are met. Meeting these needs is not onlyhelpful in changing unwanted behavior, but it is fair and right. Everychild deserves to have his/her needs taken seriously, whether they appearto be "age-appropriate" or not. All underlying needs areappropriate, in the sense that they would not be there without a reason.

It's the first week of middle school: I am terrified. They don't know or understand him. He's getting older and mature and needs to not feel alone. He is in activities so maybe this will help. Who knows. I ask him "How was it today?" He says "Great, mom. I think this year is going to be fine." This is the same conversation every year... with the same response... 041b061a72

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