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Indiana enacted a law in July 2015 requiring its Department of Correction to help enroll individuals before releasing them from custody. Intake facilities screen every new inmate for enrollment and relay the information of active enrollees to a Medicaid processing unit within the department, which works with the state Family and Social Services Administration to then suspend coverage. The processing unit also coordinates the reactivation of suspended coverage and works with inmates to complete new applications 60 days before their departure. As of May 2016, 12,071 inmates had been covered upon release.25

Facilitating With Ease Ingrid Bens 39.pdf

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State and local enrollment programs are spreading coverage to more people. For example, researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that the uninsured rate for adults in the community with a substance use disorder and with prior-year involvement with the criminal justice system (i.e., having been arrested and booked or on probation or parole in the previous 12 months) fell from a consistent 38 percent from 2004-13 to 28 percent in 2014, the first year of the ACA Medicaid expansion. The change was mainly due to increased Medicaid enrollment.30

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