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Theodore Smith
Theodore Smith

PATCHED UTorrent V1.8.1 DHT Patch

I am desperately in need of help with my utorrent as its download speed has been severely handicapped. I do not believe it is due to the v1.8 patch since I have never touched any settings at all. Hence it should be some other factors (internal or external) which is causing this problem. One very important clue I noticed was my connected seed or peer are always below 10 which has never happened before even after connected for hours. For example: 8 of 3184 connected (9684 in swarm). After looking up at various faqs and similar forum threads, I still could not resolve the issue pr increase my connected seeds and peers. Below are my system specs, network connection and utorrent settings. Hope it helps and many thanks.

PATCHED uTorrent v1.8.1 DHT Patch

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