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Theodore Smith
Theodore Smith

2 Girls Teach Sex Squirting Orgasm Mastery.torrent

  • Real Name: Marcus LondonNationality: BritishDate of Birth: January 15, 1968 (Age 54)Height: 5"11Profession(s): Sex Coach

  • Porn Star

Affiliated Dating Companies: 2 Girls Teach SexWeb PresencesTwitter profile: @marcuslondonFacebook profile: marcusmaxiusTrademark AdviceKnown for advice on squirting orgasms in particular which is something he has been very well known for in the porn movie industry.BiographyPersonal LifeMarcus London worked as a barman in his younger years and later managed and ran his own strip clubs. He started work in the porn industry in 2005.Marcus married with another porn star, Devon Lee, in 2007 in Las Vegas. They had known each other for 8 months, and originally met in the Cheesecake Factory. He says he had never thought of marrying a girl before but he realized that Devon was so cool and he didn't think he'd every meet anyone like that again - this changed his mind.

2 Girls Teach Sex Squirting Orgasm Mastery.torrent

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There are several reasons. She might not be comfortable enough with you or with the surroundings. She's shy or she's never actually experienced a squirting orgasm before, so is unsure of what to expect. Take your time and reassure her.

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