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Exsonvaldes Lights 2013

In March 2013, Exsonvaldes released its third album, Lights, to great reviews.[6][7][8] Again produced by Alex Firla, the album features songs sung in French (for the first time in the band's history), especially the single L'aérotrain. The video for this song,[9] direct by Naël Marandin, features previously unreleased archive footage of the French Aérotrain. The video for the first single, Days,[10] shot in sequence using only Apple devices, received praise from Jonathan Ive himself.[11]

Exsonvaldes Lights 2013

Simon, Anthony, William y Martín fundaron exsonvaldes en su época universitaria, lanzando por primera vez dos EPs (Sons/ Silences et Someday If I want to) y antes de lanzar su primer álbum en 2004, tiempo en el que estaban en el sello Noise Digger.

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