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Where To Buy Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Absolutely not! You should wear whatever makes you feel the most stylish and confident. Some great alternatives to rehearsal dinner dresses are jumpsuits, rompers, and suits. Lulus Satin Champagne Jumpsuit is utterly elegant.

where to buy rehearsal dinner dress

"Sometimes rehearsal dinners are formal affairs. Sometimes they're casual hangouts. My standard recommendation is to dress in a way that fits the atmosphere of the event," Janessa White, co-founder of Simply Eloped, told INSIDER.

Perhaps a dress is most appropriate, or a casual pair of pants or a skirt, maybe you should wear heels or opt for something akin to boat shoes, sandals, or even sneakers, depending on the details of the event. Ultimately, there are a number of things that can clue you in and help you make the best choice you can, leaving you feeling confident going into the rehearsal and dinner itself.

"If the rehearsal dinner is on the earlier side of the evening (5 p.m., for example) that generally would imply a less formal attire than a dinner at night (7 p.m., for example)," Maya Devassy Tarach, owner of Preoccupied Bride, told INSIDER.

"Some have a theme geared toward the bride and grooms' hobbies, like a barn dance if it is someone who is into equestrian sports or the country club if it is golfers. You tailor your choices to fit the mood and theme of the dinner, as you wouldn't wear jeans if it's at a country club or a cocktail dress to a barn," Diane Lloyde Roth, owner of L'Armoire, told INSIDER.

If you don't have a rehearsal dinner invitation to use as a reference point, either because you received a verbal invite to the dinner or are attending as someone's date, it can be much harder to know what's appropriate and what might be missing the mark.

"Whenever you're invited to a rehearsal dinner verbally, chances are it's either an afterthought or the rehearsal is super informal. With that said, we always say you can never overdress for any event," Brian Kelly and Sean Koski, owners of luxury event planning company Ticket2Events, told INSIDER. "For men we suggest wearing a suit but removing the jacket and tie if after sizing up the crowd you feel uncomfortable and for women we suggest wearing an LBD that hits just below the knees. Although our suggestions are boring, it's better to be safe and comfortable amongst the grouping than underdressed and glued to the bar."

"If you get a verbal invite, my suggestion is to call back and ask what the dress code is for the dinner," Lloyde Roth said. "Don't try to guess if there is a dress code. You can also call the location where the dinner is being held and ask if they have a dress code. As a last resort, you can either call or email the person that invited you to inquire. It is better to be safe than sorry."

"Consider also that it will be more casual than the official invitation for the wedding, meaning that your outfit for the rehearsal dinner will be slightly more casual than the wedding outfit," Sheree Bergthold, owner of TRE Boutique, told INSIDER. "If it's dictated to be cocktail attire, men should consider wearing either a suit or sportcoat while women can consider wearing a dress or black pant with a bright top, mirroring what their partner is wearing."

You can also take a hint from the dress code for the wedding itself for what you should you wear to the other events of the weekend, most notably the rehearsal dinner. Again, because your attire for the rehearsal will likely be less formal than that of the actual wedding, you can use that as a general jumping off point.

"For very formal rehearsal dinners (black tie), men should wear tuxedos, and women should wear cocktail dresses or long gowns," Devassy Tarach said. "For formal rehearsal dinners (not black tie), men should wear dark suits and ties, and women should wear cocktail dresses or long gowns. For semi-formal rehearsal dinners, men should wear jackets, suit pants (or slacks) and ties, and women should wear cocktail dresses or pantsuits or dressy skirts and blouses. For casual rehearsal dinners, men should wear polos or button downs with dress pants (or slacks), and women should wear sundresses or blouses with skirts or pants."

Though it can be tough to know exactly what to wear to a wedding rehearsal dinner if you're not explicitly told what the general dress code or theme might be, opting for a business casual look that you feel good in is often a good idea. And don't forget, it's a party for someone else and the focus really isn't about you, so just do your very best to dress appropriately and don't worry too much about fitting the dress code to a T.

For the more laid back bride, this flowy bell sleeved dress is perfect for the occasion. A mid day rehearsal lunch or early dinner that can go into the night, this mini dress is comfortable enough to wear all day!

This short layered hem lace dress features a sparkly glitter texture for a touch of glamour for your rehearsal dinner. The plunging neckline wraps around to a lace illusion back for a stunning look from front to back.

This dress is sophisticated while also sexy with the peekaboo lace showing strips of skin for a chic look! The midi-length style with a sheer eyelash lace hem is the perfect look for a classy rehearsal dinner before the big day!

A high neckline, cinched waist, and ruffled bottom make this floral dress so flattering. For a more casual rehearsal dinner, try it with wedges or booties, or dress it up with heels and a pretty clutch.

This lovely lavender midi also comes in a dusty rose color that's beautiful. Wear this dress with sneakers or flat sandals for shopping with the girls and dress it up with heels, jewelry, and a sparkly clutch for a rehearsal dinner. 041b061a72

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