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Huang will also offer to sell you a Flower Vase on the 11th of the season if your on-hand money is 5000 G or more. If you reject his vase five times, Huang will stop offering to sell it to you. You must buy this Flower Vase if you want to marry Huang.

buy vase


Bohemian cut Lead crystal vases reflect traditional Czech art that is highly admired around the world. We present a fine selection of original hand-made, Bohemian cut crystal vases decorated by traditional cut 57001, which has been our bestseller for decades. Our crystal will beautify your house for years to come.

Decorating with vases is one of the easiest ways to add effortless style to your home. With vases, you can show off fresh floral arrangements, display gorgeous artificial botanicals or simply let the piece shine all on its own. Learn how to choose vases as well as how you can incorporate them into your home decor.

Before you can start decorating with vases, you'll want to choose a style that best suits your space. If your home has a contemporary rustic feel to it, you can opt for earthenware vases or ones in ceramic and stoneware. For spaces with more glam design, try hanging square wall mirrors near vases in shiny metals, such as silver, gold or brass. A glass vase will fit in perfectly for a room with a minimalist design. The color of a vase can also bring a specific feel to the room. Add a warm-colored vessel, such as a clay vase to your living room, kitchen or beside a round wall mirror for a sunny feel or cool-hued vases for a relaxed atmosphere. Plus, those in subdued and wintery shades, such as white vases serve as ideal mantel decor during the holiday season. Browse Christmas vases and botanicals to bring an especially festive touch to the home.

Sculpted and finished by hand to look like distressed antiques, the Mira vase adds an element of rustic charm. For a completed look, try styling multiples vases together, or adding your favorite dried florals. Handmade in Tonalá, Mexico

Dimensions: 7"W x 12"HOur products are entirely handmade by artisans, each piece is one-of-a-kind. Due to natural characteristics, variations are to be expected. These include but are not limited to slight differences in colors, pits, spots, and dimensions.Best styled as decorative pieces. Do not add water to the vase as it is composed of clay and will cause damage.

One of the best things about purchasing flowers and plants is buying a pot to watch them grow in. This joyful and colourful vase is a case in point. Inspired by Egyptian culture and rustic decorative traditions, it brings novelty, personality, and a splash of colour to your living spaces.

Our garden vases are well designed to accentuate the beauty of the flowers and plants kept in them. Their elegant and stylish look make them an excellent home decor piece too. They are available in multiple colors, shapes, and materials, for you to choose the best one according to your home decor and flowers.

It might be fine for some vases, but not for all. Please read the product description carefully to know about specific instructions, if any. For example, in the description of the mango wood cachepot, we have explicitly mentioned that you need to place the nursery pot first and not the soil.

Instead of throwing your empty bottles away, reuse them as vases with these exquisite paper covers inspired by Van Gogh's masterpieces. 'Tiny changes can lead to miracles' is the motto of the Tiny Miracles Foundation. Proceeds from sales of their sustainable, foldable vases contribute to reducing poverty around the world. Available in Almond Blossom and Sunflowers prints.The Tiny Miracles Foundation is a Netherlands-based charity founded in 2010 by Laurien Meuter and her cousin designer Pepe Heykoop. The foundation focuses its efforts on eliminating poverty in one of the most impoverished city areas of Mumbai, India: the Pardeshi community in slums bordering on the red light district.See video for assembly instructions:

These 4-inch and 6-inch antique brass vases are bursting with vintage charm and an off-the-beaten-path look. Each vase features a hammered texture for heightened visual interest. The distinctive patterning allows dark brassy spots to capture and reflect light, creating a warm ambiance in any space.

Breathe classic elegance and a taste of yesteryear into your next special occasion with wholesale small antiquebrass vases. These decorations will be just the right amount of character your wedding needs to tie it all together. The 4-inchand 6-inch vintage brass vases are the perfect sizes to fill with sugary sweets or a beautiful arrangement offlowers.

These wide vases are perfect for larger blooms. They each havea coppery glow that is a wonderful companion to a range of hues in florals and greenery. For instance, silk white peonies can give your centerpieces a natural look and feel. Or use blue lavender branches as a wonderful partner for antique brass vases. These vases look great on their own, but if you're looking for a pop of color, consider wrapping navy Dupioni ribbon around them. Brass vases can help enhance your event.

Our small antique brass vases blend in with any wedding or event design theme. You can use them as a focal point for the centerpiece or as a unique floral detail on the side. Consider pairing them with these 5-inch rustic brass lanterns. You will create a warm wedding theme that your guests will remember forever. Remember to give these brass vases aweekly wiping to keep them shining for the next event.

Are you planning a small or large gathering? Do you feel as if your vision is missing an unexpected touch? At Jamali Garden, we carry an extensive selection of uniquedecor items curated from around the world. With these brass vases available in bulk, you'll have no problem designing your next rustic-themed wedding withthat warm glow you were looking for. Order your preferred quantity of small antique 4-inch and 6-inch brass vases today!

Design by Alvar Aalto for Iittala and inspired by the Finnish landscape and lakes, the iconic rippled glass has been reinterpreted in various sizes and colors ever since its initial creation for the World Fair in Paris in 1937. Every vase is mouth-blown at the Iittala glass factory in Finland.

An iconic design originating from 1936, the Lyngby porcelain vase is a simple, cylindrical shape with elegant grooves running vertically. Although it is now available in glass and various colors, the white porcelain is the original and arguably the best incarnation.

The iconic Henning Koppel design for heritage silversmith Georg Jensen is a triumph of Danish design: everday objects become beautiful without sacrifcing function, like this practical vase crafted from polished stainless steel.

Designed in the 1930s by Josef Frank for Svenskt Tenn, the characteristic Vase No.2 works well with full blooms or as a stand-alone piece. The glass vase is blown at Skruf Glassworks in Småland, Sweden, using a wooden mold that changes character with time, so each vase takes on unique characteristics telling of their craftsmanship.

Danish design heavyweights, HAY, are squeezing every drop of sunshine from the Scandinavian skies with this bright and playful design. The glass vase is crafted with asymmetrical stripes that have been created using the traditional filigree technique. Guaranteed to spark joy in any room and potentially even cure any SAD symptoms.

Take the stress out of flower arangements with the Ikebana vase. Inspired by the Japenese art of flower aranging, ikebana, the vase features two drilled plates to allow precision of placement when adding flowers.

Featuring the distinctive furrows that bind the Hammershøi collection together, this elegant mint vase evokes Scandi interiors and Nordic scenes. Perfect as a table setting or on its own as an accent in a room.

Studio Arhoj is the epitome of Japenese influence on Danish design. Its founder, Anders Arhoj, studied in Tokyo before starting his ceramics practice, which continues to explore the visual relationship between Scandinavian simplicity and traditional Japanese culture. The Yuki, named after the Japanese word for snow, is a hand-thrown vase with excellent craftsmanship.

On top of this, stylish designer flower vases accentuate the beauty of a bouquet and add an extra dash of quality. They make a statement, saying look at me, while not taking the focus away from the beautiful flowers.

With so many angles, cube vases are a great alternative to those with curves, and really accentuate big, bold, and colorful flowers such as hydrangeas. Usually, on the shorter side, cube vases are best for flowers with shorter stems.

A centerpiece demands the attention of anyone in the room, so a centerpiece vase must be up to the task by being equally eye-catching. A centerpiece vase should be big and bold and able to hold a luscious and memorable bouquet.

Baccarat's creations illuminate every exceptional interior. Vases, bowls, animal sculptures, candleholders, candelabras and office accessories enhance every space with countless glittering reflections. Baccarat offers exceptional pieces to decorate your home, such as the Faunacrystopolis animals by Jaime Hayon, the Eye vases or the Jeux de cristal collection created by Marcel Wanders. True masterpieces, the Haute Couture creations celebrate the unique know-how of Baccarat's artisans and MOF craftsmanship award winners. 041b061a72

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